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Lagerstatus: 6
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AMINO-QUIK is a liquid vegetal papain extracted from Carica papaya.

AMINO-QUIK reduces chill haze and increasing colloidal stability.


Haze is composed of proteins, polyphenols, carbohydrates and inorganic compounds such as iron or copper. Papain is a cystein protease that degrades protein fraction of beer, preventing further association with polyphenols. Amino-Quik acts specifically on the haze forming protein components by hydrolyzing bonds with leucine or glycine.

Chill proofing with Amino-Quik effectively prevents chill haze without physically removing other important beer components. Amino-Quik does not impart any odor or taste to the beer.

Amino-Quik is easy to use. It must be added to the beer at maturation stage at 1 to 3 ml/BBL with metering pump into the lagering tank or on-line when the beer is transferred prior to final filtration. Optimal temperature is 55-65°C. Just before use, to ensure adequate mixing, it should be diluted at a dosage of 1 Liter in 4 Liters of beer or water.

*Made with technology by DSM

Sizes available: 1L, 10L, 6kg

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