Whisky malt 2.5-4.5 EBC, Phenols: 30-45ppm - 1 kg - Castle Malting

Kr. 23
Inklusive moms: Kr. 3 (Mva 15%)
Lagerstatus: 21
Billigste frakt fra pris
Crop year 2014
Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture %   4.5
Extract difference fine-coarse %   2.0
Wort color EBC(Lov.) 2.5 (1.5)  4.5 (2.2)
Friability % 85.0  
NDMA ppb   2.0
Phenols ppm 30 45
Homogeneity % 98  
Predicted spirit yield (PSY) l/t 406  
Our Château Whisky malt is smoked during kilning with the best Scottish peat. Whisky malts have a longer storage life.
Imparts a delicate character of peat and smoke. An ideal ingredient in creating a unique whisky. In higher proportions gives your whisky a rich smoky and peaty flavour.
Any type of whisky for a distinct smoky flavour of real Scotch whisky. Up to 100% of the mix.

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