Cara Plus 10, 10 EBC - 100 g - Viking malt

Kr. 2,3
Inklusive moms: Kr. 0,3 (Mva 15%)
Lagerstatus: 20
Billigste frakt fra pris


Cara Plus 10 is a new type of low colour caramel malt. Cara Plus 10 is produced using a unique malting program and novel drying technique based on indirect heating. In the process starch is gelatinised and saccharified within the kernel. Cara Plus 10 is sweet and caramel-like. 


Cara Plus 10 has been shown to improve foam formation and flavour stability. Cara Plus 10 is used to produce full-bodied beer with a clean, round flavour. Due to its low colour value, Cara Plus 10 is suitable also for light coloured beers. Cara Plus 10 is rather similar to Cara Pale and can substitute Cara Pale in most recipes. 

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