Pale malt 7-10 EBC - 1 kg - Castle Malting

Kr. 18,1
Inklusive moms: Kr. 2,4 (Mva 15%)
Lagerstatus: Utsolgt
Billigste frakt fra pris
Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture %   4.5
Extract (dry basis) % 81.0  
Extract difference fine-coarse % 1.0 2.5
Wort color EBC(Lov.) 7.0 (3.2) 10.0 (4.3)
Total protein %   11.5
Soluble protein % 4.0 4.6
Kolbach index % 38.0 45.0
Hartong 45o % 36.0 43.0
Viscosity cp   1.6
Diastatic power WK 250  
Friability % 80.0  
Glassiness (whole grains) %   3.0
NDMA ppb   2.5
Saccharification Minutes   20
Belgian light-coloured base malt. Kilning at up to 90-95°C.
Usually used as a base malt or in combination with Pilsen 2RS malt to impart a richer malt flavour and additional colour. Being deeper in colour, this malt can add a golden hue to the wort. It is used with strong yeasts to produce amber and bitter beers. Château Pale Ale malt is kilned longer and is usually better modified, providing a more pronounced flavour than Pilsen 2RS. The enzymatic activity of Château Pale Ale malt is sufficient when used with large proportion of non-enzymatic specialty malts.


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